Careful what you wish for

Hey, hi. 

Been a while. I am not unemployed anymore. A friend was kind enough to trust me to cook at his amazing little restaurant so that’s pretty much all I’ve been up to lately. His standards concerning hygiene, food quality, technique and menu are neat so it’s great fun to work there. (By the way no one involved is aware of this site so this isn’t a butt kissing post.)

I’ve never done any professional cooking before, and trust me, home cooking is a totaly different thing, so there was a lot of stuff to be learned, yelling to be carried out, pain to be endured, etc. There’s so many new things to learn about cooking that I ended up forgetting shit I thought I knew. For instance, by doing a little cooking at home or reading/watching some basics, one for sure knows that knives must always be placed at the same spot on a work surface, right? I did know that. In case shit gets going too fast in your kitchen try not to forget it. I did and I no longer have a fingerprint on my left pinky. Also since veggie oil burns at around 200C, when deep frying in a pan try not to get any on you. I got my wrist “tattooed”. See basic things are easy to miss when all hell breaks loose. But like I said, it’s great fun, even the battlescars, and some of my fingers already got that nice heat and cut resistant extra skin. Kinda like Iggy Pop’s back.

In other words, Yippie Ki-Yay Motherfuckers!


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