Sampling some of the best meat around

Irish Angus for that matter. We got ourselves the good old ribeye, T-bone, sirloin, and a couple of filet mignons. Well, mainstream cuts of a kick ass breed. Thing is, my girlfriend is on vacation, and I’m the worst photographer ever, especially when I’m hungry so the pics suck. When they are not entrirely ruined by my shaky hands, they are out of focus, partly because I don’t know how to focus, but mainly because I’m trying to show off my new global G2 chef’s knife. Here we go:


Grilled. Nothing surprising to it. Perfectly good meat, kinda grassy flavor. Unfortunately sliced too thin to get the best of it, but we loved it anyway.



Grilled. Tremendously buttery, as expected, tasty and rich as hell. Also we ate both this one and the T-bone with absolutely nothing added. Not even seasoning.


Here’s some major photographic suckage. This one was properly prepared, pan fried with bay leaves and rosemary, finished with some butter. Best one so far. Also, –PERFECT PINK RIGHT THERE BRO! -Thanks noob. Ahem.

Filet mignon: 

Meat so far had been great. I was almost sad that we left this typically overrated cut for last. I never really liked tenderloins, they always need less cooking than you thought they did, they suck overcooked and i dont like the fact that you kinda have to boil-fry them in a pan. Also I never really had a tasty one. Until I tried these. For once I did not overcook them. To the contrary, i almost left the center cold. It was amazing. First rare meat I eat that you don’t need to chew. You could just melt those with your tongue against your palate and it was cool. Also the taste. When biting it, the initial kick was similar to biting an orange, followed by all kinds of buttery, nutty flavors, finaly leaving an aftertaste of maybe pecorino. Absolutely amazing. 


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