Salmon steak

1. A base of caramelized onion: Finely diced onions, slowly fried with regular deglazing with wine (one can also use balsamic vinegar for this) and/or water. No sugar added. Just a pinch of salt. The fried onions get sweet enough on their own, therefore sugar in my opinion would be an overkill. And just to fiddle with the sweetness a bit, I added a tiny pinch of ginger and an even tinier pinch of mustard powder.


2. The steaks. Do it right. Read this. I have not much to comment here. Just that it is wrong to cook three steaks at a time, but if you do, make sure before you start that your pan is just a few degrees from glowing red.


3. Acidity. To counter the richness of the salmon, I added a “brow” of roughly chopped parsley – spearmint – lemon pesto.


I really did enjoy this :]



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